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Pritham Pinni

Section Manager: Masks and COVID-19 Public Policies

Pritham Pinni is the Section Manager for Masks and COVID-19 Public Policies for Researchers For Change. He is a freshman majoring in Health Sciences on the Pre-Med Track at the University of Florida. He is currently doing research on the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in helping to create bluetooth-connected heart monitors for mineworkers who can have fluctuating heart rates while they are working. Once there is enough data to show that a mine worker is about to be in danger or is already in danger, the heart monitor will message the people on the outside of the mine and prevent any medical harm from happening to the minework. He loves movies, running, basketball, board games, and Jeopardy!. Although the Pandemic prevented him from doing any research, he joined Researchers For Change to join a group of like-minded people and make a difference in the world, especially during these trying times.

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