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Our Objectives

Researchers for Change wants to not only be able to provide its members with extraordinary research opportunities that can boost their resumes and applications to medical school, etc.

RFC’s true purpose is to create easy to understand, educational products for our communities and society created by our members from all over the world that spreads awareness over misunderstood scientific topics such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To fulfill both of these goals for our members, RFC will work to provide a network between highly qualified mentors and our student researchers that allows RFC to excel through our infographics, research publications, projects, and more!


Through our highly motivated members that understand these goals, RFC can achieve anything we set out to and make an impact!

Our Opportunities

  • RFC Task Groups, where you can create infographics and other types of media for the public

  • Social Media Squad, where you can aid in the creation and publishing of web content for marketing and promotional purposes

  • Volunteer Engagement Pilots, where you can be involved in community outreach projects whether it be the development of them or participation

  • Research Projects, where those who have research, leadership, and/or volunteer experience can be involved in more unique project

Current Research Topics

Mask Efficacy

COVID-19 Statistics 

Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health

Economic Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 vs Flu

Vaccine Progress

Transmission Effects in School Settings

Impacts of Virtual Learning

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