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Hello, mentors! Thank you for your willingness to work with this organization. Click the Mentor Duties button below to see how you can get involved in RFC as a mentor. These roles will help create a support system between student researchers in this organization and mentors and will help the organization accomplish its objectives and goals it has set out to achieve. Let’s work together to spread awareness and dispel fears on misunderstood topics, foster innovative ideas, and help society live healthier lives!

Are you a professor or have a PhD and interested in being a mentor for RFC?

Look over the 'Mentor Duties' document and then email us at Please include all of the below information:

  • your email

  • your monthly availability to work with RFC

  • a link to your bio with associated research

  • what role(s) you are interested in participating in 


Email us at or fill out the contact form!

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