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Mythili Bulusu

Member's Liaison

Mythili Bulusu is the Member’s Liaison for Researchers for Change. She is the point of contact for all new and current members. Her responsibilities include keeping track of new members, ensuring that new members know how they can contribute to the organization, providing guidance to members, and overall building a strong interorganizational relationships.

Mythili Bulusu is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Biology and minoring in Business of Healthcare. She started researching as a senior in high school when she wrote a research paper about the impact of type 1 diabetes versus type 2 diabetes on premature birth. She is currently conducting research in Nutrigenomics where she is looking at the impact of non-nutritive sweeteners on the microbiome. She is also in a lab conducting research on drug cures to various topical diseases. After graduating, Mythili plans on going to medical school and pursuing pediatric surgery. She joined RFC to spread awareness about Covid-19 in a meaningful way during this unprecedented time. She swims competitively and has done so for the past twelve years! Mythili loves to travel the world (although that is on pause due to Covid-19), watch Netflix, and read. She loves to meet new people and learn about their backgrounds and experiences. Feel free to reach out to Mythili with any questions!

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