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Malachi Donnell-Garcia


Malachi Donell-Garcia is a Texas Tech University Health Science Center graduate from Lubbock, TX. He graduated in May 2020 with my bachelor's in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Malachi is a first-generation college student, learning as he goes. He has one completed set of research, one possible ongoing (pending COVID), and one publication with the TSAHP conference.

Malachi's ultimate goal is to get into medical school to eventually become a neurosurgeon, however, now another big goal is to make this group grow into a large organization to help students like him that didn't have a network to build off of. He is always up to help/give advice. If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to contact him, he will answer to the best of his abilities and if he cannot answer it sufficiently, he will work with you to find the answer together so that you both know in the future!

Let's learn together, make a better tomorrow, and save lives!

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