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Kierra Irby

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Kierra Irby is a graduate student at the University of Alabama Birmingham and is currently in the Multidisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Program, with a concentration in Neuroscience. During her undergraduate, she obtained her B.S. in Chemistry a minor in Neuroscience at The University of Alabama. She also participated in a clinical neuroscience lab (B-RAD under Dr.Caitlin Hudac) and worked on an independent that focused on the GRIN2B gene . She is an URM/first-generation, hoping to inspire and guide students to never give up their aspirations, no matter what the circumstances are.

Her aspirations include attending medical school to become a neurosurgeon or work within the field of neurology. Another aspiration is to help and serve underserved communities, educating and healing citizen's health. She joined this group hoping to spread truthful information about COVID-19 within her community and to continue her research. She loves to sing, play piano, viola, and percussion (can't you tell she loves music). She also loves to be around family, friends, and learn new languages.

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