Brittany Love

Vice President

Brittany Love is the Vice President and one of the architects of Researchers for Change. Her list of responsibilities and accomplishments since this outreach organization’s founding include establishing the RFC Leadership Structure, spearheading the coordination of the organization's task projects, and liaising with RFC members and leaders to help the organization progress and grow stronger, become more cohesive, and create an encouraging environment for everyone. While Brittany is unlike many of the members of the organization in the fact that she is not pursuing medicine, her passion for helping people is strong. Her determination to better other’s lives, similar curiosity in medicine and biology, and affinity to STEM subjects turned her to mechanical engineering for her undergraduate career and bioengineering for her masters degree both at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She is currently a first year graduate student in her Masters of Science in bioengineering and working on a thesis project at the Human-Centric Design Research Laboratory at Texas Tech University. Under the supervision of the director of the research lab, she studies the effects of wave impacts and vibrations on the cervicals of Navy sailors in open water patrol boats and ways to prevent injuries.

Brittany’s careers aspirations and other research interests include rehabilitation engineering, neuroengineering, and biomechanics. She also wants to pursue becoming a business owner or manager one day of a bioengineering company to further advance, make her mark, and help people the best ways she can in the areas she is passionate about just like she is hoping to do for Researchers for Change. Brittany decided to become a part of Researchers for Change and decided to pursue a leadership position within the organization because she saw a need within the COVID-19 pandemic with the spread of mis- and disinformation and RFC gave her a chance to do something about it. While school takes up most of Brittany’s time nowadays, when she is not doing that, she loves to visit family, partake in photography, bake, take walks, play any sort of distracting games, and nap! Brittany is extremely glad to have all of you join the organization! Please feel free to reach out to her at any time on Slack if you have any questions or have suggestions on ways to make this organization great! Let’s make a difference!