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Ankith Arun

Public Affairs Manager

Ankith Arun is the Public Affairs Manager for Researchers for Change. Some of his current duties involve developing and implementing plans to advance RFC’s objectives, goals, identity, and to broaden awareness of its program and increase its visibility. He also runs the Organization’s LinkedIn account in order to foster connections with various students and potential PhD mentors.

Ankith is an undergraduate junior at Emory University in Atlanta and is majoring in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology with a minor in Neuroethics. He is conducting research with a lab that is studying the neural pathways involved with emotion and memory (although the best part has to be working with rats)! Specifically, he is looking at the directionality of communication between the ventral hippocampus and basolateral amygdala during object sampling and context dependent association. He is also completing his EMT-B course and plans to start working as a licensed EMT. Ankith plans to attend medical school and is currently planning on a pediatric speciality. The pandemic has prevented him from doing his research and finishing his EMT program, so joining RFC has allowed him to directly research the impacts of the ongoing pandemic and has enabled him to educate himself and others! He loves boba, his puppy, and binging netflix shows! Feel free to reach out to him for anything (could be things like life advice or TV show recommendations)!

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