Allysa Alejo

Workshop Manager

Allysa Joyce Alejo is the workshop manager of Researchers For Change. Her duties are to plan, coordinate, and direct the workshop events of RFC, suggest workshop ideas to leaders of RFC, communicate with RFC leaders and mentors to set up workshop events (i.e. zoom meetings, PPT presentations, etc.), initiate polls in the announcement and social center channels for event, answer any questions regarding events, and oversee workshop event operations ensuring their design and production runs smoothly.
Allysa Joyce Alejo is a 9th-grade high school student from Kidapawan City National High School in the Philippines. She started her passion for science when she was 3-years-old when she started reading science books and discover the wonders and mysteries of science. She recently got involved in research when she got to be an observer in the systematic review in space medicine by the Space Generation Advisory Council - Space Medicine and Life Sciences Group. She is also working on a research review article in the field of neuroscience. Her research interests are space medicine, pathology, and neuroscience. She aspires to go to medical school and become a flight surgeon, pathologist, or neurologist. She hopes that joining RFC could help her place to have more resources in STEM as her place really lack resources in that field. She also loves to read books, write, and listen to different kinds of music ranging from classical music to K-pop!

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